How to find the best barber shop in Nigeria

Finding the perfect barber is not an option. It is mandatory for any self-aware black man. This comes with a few challenges in Nigeria however: especially if you are new to the country.

Things in Nigeria are sometimes not as easy as we would all like. Therefore this guide has been created with some tips to make that process as smooth as possible!

1. Check them out online

Look for barbershops online and the barbers that actually work there. Just take the word barber and add your location as a modifier into a Google or Bing search. So for example if I am in Abuja I would type “barbers in Abuja”.

If you’re lucky this will produce some results for you. Often what will come up are social media profiles of various barbers with a select few websites. Have a browse and you’ll likely find a barber you like the sound of. Then just give him a try and see how he performs.

Being as not everybody in Nigeria has embraced the online world; the results you get in Nigeria’s bigger cities will probably be more extensive than the smaller towns. For these smaller towns you may have to use one of the alternative methods to be discussed below.

2. Make a list of barbershops you discover and visit them

If you can’t get specifics on individual barbers, you may be able to get general information on barber shops and their addresses. Jot a few down in your phone and make it your business, over the next few months, to patronize each one any time you want a new haircut whether that’s weekly or monthly.

This will allow you to get a vibe of their barbershop environment. Are they friendly? Is it a quiet or a loud place. Is it a place for more senior citizens or youths? Is it a place to hang out or just to cut and go? And perhaps most importantly are they great at cutting hair?

After trying one or two barbershops you will quickly find a preference for one over the other.

3. Ask your friends and family

Personal recommendations always have more power than online recommendations. Chances are if your friend has tried something and vouches for it, you can be safe in the knowledge that it’ll likely be good. This is true for a barber shop as well.

Ask a couple friends where they cut and accompany them on their next trip to get first handed experience. You will then easily be able to judge if the barber spot is for you or not.

4. A barber that asks questions is good

A barber that asks a lot of questions is a great indication that he (or she) knows what they are talking about. After all if you don’t ask how, it’s all guesswork. Would you entrust your head to someone that just guesses?

You want to give your hair to someone who you know will give you a trim exactly how you want it. A barber that doesn’t ask can never know as they may be good at cutting hair but they are far from being mind-readers.

So if he can take the time to learn more about you and your needs and asks for feedback that’s an excellent sign of competence.

Go start looking

barber cutting hair

Finding the right barber is as crucial in Nigeria as it is anywhere else. Being that barbers offer a service every man needs, it is important to find the perfect one for you.

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