Best haircuts for black men

Gone are the days of the simple low cut. Nowadays black men spice up their hair game with various styles.

And for those men that always ask the barber for the same cut or for those that the barber doesn’t even ask. Maybe it is time to try something new? Or try a new barber completely?

Whether it’s short or long hair you want, a fade or waves, here we will present you with a range of options specifically suited to black men’s hair.

But first things first.

Why do you need a good haircut?

As they old age saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Your haircut speaks on your behalf. Much more than you think.

Put simply, a well-trimmed and shaped head of hair says a lot about any black man.

Check out some great hairstyles for black men below.


black man fade haircut

The fade is a classic cut among black men. It is sometimes also called the taper. The hair is cut shorter on your back and sides as you get closer to the neck.

Depending on requirements, your barber can taper your hair into a beard, sideburns or your neck. This style is classy and is very easy to maintain. It is appropriate for many different environments.

Mini afro

mini afro hairstyle

The afro cut is a style where the top of the head is generally allowed to grow how it does naturally.

You can choose to keep your hairs natural curls or comb it. Like the fade the sides are often tapered. The length on the top can be adjusted, allowing for a number of different styles.

It has become a very popular hairstyle, especially among the younger generation.

Short cut

short cut hair style

The go to style for the simple man. This is because this style is probably the easiest to maintain. It requires very little work except a bit of oiling up now and again.

As a short hairstyle, it will put focus on your eyebrows and make your face shape more prominent. Despite its ease of manageability, this style looks good on almost any man and it’s good for the work place.

Bald cut

bald black man smiling

A bald look often screams confidence. This is another get up and go hair style, requiring little work. For those balding or for those who don’t want to manage their hair, the bald cut is for you.

Another side benefit is you’ll save dollars that you would have paid frequenting the barbers. Many famous celebrities rock this look very well, for instance, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Jordan. Feel free to add a beard to the look for an extra ‘kick’.

Sportin waves

sportin 360 waves hairstyle

Thanks to the curly hair. Black men can go for the waves look. Sportin waves appear when the textured curly hair is flattened, creating a pattern all over the head. It is more noticeable with shorter haircuts.

Repeated brushing is required plus the use of products like pomade, cream and durags to hold the hair in place and at the same time provide moisture. If you have the time and patience, this is an excellent sleek unique look for the black man.


frohawk african hairstyle

For those who are a bit adventurous and want to try something new, the frohawak (mohawk) is for you. It is a versatile style given you an almost limitless choice and is definitely one to catch the eye.

For this hairstyle, both sides of the head are cut short leaving a strip of relatively lengthy hair in the mid to center. The likes of US RnB artist Usher have worn this hair style in the past.

In closing

Whether it’s a long or a short hairstyle, the most important thing is to take care of your hair. Wash it regularly using a moisturizing shampoo and be sure to condition it after. This is important as often Afro textured hair can be drier and more delicate. So it needs to be kept hydrated to look its best.

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