Things for men to do in Nigeria

There are a lot of things a man can do in Nigeria, whether you reside in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano or anywhere else.

Being a man it’s important to live a well-rounded life. There are a number of ways to spend your time when not out at work or studying. A lot of your options do depend on your budget but there are plenty of free things you can indulge in as well.

Time is precious so we have made sure to include only activities that are well worth it. We’ll take a look at them below. But first we’ll go through why you need a hobby.

Why you need a hobby

For good mental and physical health a couple of hobbies are essential. We all need a break from the fast paced lifestyle many of us live. At times, many can find it difficult to switch off and relax. That’s why having a regular hobby or two will help you.

A hobby will often put you in a different environment than your’e used to, giving you new challenges, allowing you to make new friends and improving your skill set.

Perhaps the most important reason of them all, is a hobbies ability to reduce any anxiety and stress you face. It allows you to live in the moment for a while.

Board & card games

brown chess set

Video games are becoming increasingly popular. With the word Fifa becoming part of a man’s dictionary. To switch off from the digital world, we suggest playing board or card games.

Games such as chess can take your mind away from life’s struggles. Poker is also great for a bit of competitive fun with the mates. To get started look for gaming clubs in an area near you.

Pool & snooker

snooker balls on table

This is a known game in Nigeria. You can find a snooker table in several bars and clubs scattered across the country. You can play at an amateur level and if you’re really good can also play at an more advanced professional level. Playing snooker has numerous reported benefits including, sharpening the mind and improving hand-eye coordination.


investing money chart

As well as being a side hobby, investing is a way to increase your wealth. It will help you manage your finances and potentially find you a second source of income. You can start and probably should do so at a small level, investing a few thousand Naira to begin with.

Places you can invest money in include stocks, treasury bills or angel investing. If you have extra capital, real estate is also a good place for your money. As we all know, a tree doesn’t grow in a day, so plant those first couple of seeds today.

Photography and drones

drone photography

Although cameras are a common site in modern times, the ability to use them to create stunning photographs is rare. Photography is far from being as easy as clicking a button to get a picture. There are many elements to consider including lighting and shadows.

Editing images is a whole different ball game as to is upping your game with drone photography. If you become an expert you can make serious money with this skill/hobby.

Running, cycling or swimming

speed bicycles race

Any of these sports will up the heart rate and make you happier in the process. Physical activities release certain chemical called endorphins, a natural drug which give you extra energy makes you more awake and ultimately more content with life.

These sports will also help in making you get into great physical condition: improving your looks in the process. There are many clubs you can join where you can make friends in the process. Swimming is particularly recommended as it’s a lovely way to relax on a hot Nigerian Saturday afternoon. Try it.


evening farming crops

Land is not something we are short of in Nigeria. You can buy a few plots of land outside the city for cheap or even lease land in the village. Either way, pick a location that’s not too far from where you live, so you can travel there easily on the weekends.

You can then hire a third party to manage the farm for you during the week. Depending on the soil and where in Nigeria you are you can plant rice, cassava, pineapples, plantain or beans. Start of small and see where you go from there.

Start a podcast or YouTube channel

youtube channel phone

Yes thanks to technology it’s now easier than ever to get your voice heard. You can start a channel on something you are passionate about such as football, music or politics. Whatever it is there will be an audience for you.

In your podcast or on your YouTube channel you can invite people and interview them or do live streams to interact with your audience. Who knows, in a few years you can become a big media outlet in Nigeria.

Learn a language

learn japanese language

Learning another language is a great investment of your time. It can have good benefits such as allowing you to effectively communicate in a foreign country or even improving your job prospects.

There are no shortage of languages to choose from. Perhaps you can pick another Nigerian language or look for foreign ones such as Japanese, Spanish or Russian. It’s up to you.

There are a number of methods of learning in Nigeria, including hiring a private tutor, studying online or starting a short course.

Sketching, drawing or painting

painting abstract colors

Drawing images is one of the oldest arts of expression, even older than writing. Nigeria has no shortage of talented artists in these related fields. Whether it’s contemporary modern art or traditional we have them all.

These are perhaps some of the simplest and cheapest hobbies you can begin with, but perfecting these skills may take you a long time. Just starting is the name of the game; nobody was perfect from day one.


man paintball gun

If you have ever thought of joining the army but didn’t pursue it, paint balling may be for you. Paintball can be a place to go and catch some fun with friends. However, depending on how serious you take it, paint-balling involves much more than shooting a few wet balls of paint.

Battle strategy, combat tactics and teamwork are some of the skills required in this game. These skills can even be adapted to your life away from paintballing.


These are just a few suggestions of some of the best hobbies you can start in Nigeria today. This list is far from exhaustive as there are many more options to choose from. However any of these are excellent starting point. Who knows where you may end up.

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