Items every man in Nigeria should own

There are certain things every man in Nigeria should own. Yes these are not optional they are mandatory. But, then again, it’s not by force. Let’s get into them shall we?

Senegalese Kaftan

hausa mens kaftan

If you don’t already know. Senegalese Kaftans are loose long dresses that reach the knee or ankle region. They are a native dress of many West African countries, including Nigeria.

It is a popular choice of dressing for both formal and informal situations. You will find men sporting kaftans in all sorts of colours, shapes and designs. In essence there is always something for everyone when it comes to a kaftan.

For the fashion aware male a minimum of one kaftan should be in the cupboard. Who knows, over time, you might become among the Nigerian men to completely abandon English wears for the kaftan.

Pair of shoes

mens shoes in shop

Every man needs a decent pair of shoes. It is often said that the first thing woman spot on a man is his shoes. Not just women mind you. Fellow men, employers, clients etc.

Quality shoes make a good first statement. The keyword here is “quality” as it is easy to spot a fine pair from poor ones. So make sure you invest in a pair of black or brown shoes.

There’s no excuse as we have plenty of capable shoemakers here in Nigeria.


hausa mens caps

Caps have a cultural importance in Nigeria; they go hand in hand with Nigerian men across the country. Apart from kaftans or agbada, if there’s anything else Nigerian men are known for it is the hats.

Some would argue an outfit is never complete without adding a hat. Hats are an easy way to speak luxury and stand out from the crowd. It can replace hair styling as well for the lazy men out there.

So whether it’s an Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, South-South or Cross River hat, pick one and keep it close.

Beard oil or face oil

beard face oils

Beard oil for those with a beard and face oil for those without. These two cosmetic wonders are a must for those who want to keep their groom game up.

Beard oil will have your beard looking better than it ever has while face oil will have your skin looking as good as it can get. Investing in one or both of these products is a wise decision for all men.

Brush or comb

beard brush barbers

Throw away those cheap plastic combs and invest in a high quality wooden comb. Wooden combs have a number of benefits over their cheaper plastic cousins. Firstly, they are smoother on the hair; secondly the hairs natural oils are spread evenly so as to condition the hair better.

If you prefer a short hairstyle then a brush is handy. A boar bristle bush is better than nylon or plastic counterparts. This will ensure your short hairstyle looks as good and sleek as ever.


black sunglasses

There are plenty of glasses to choose from square, round, oval, mirrored, polarized etc. The choice can be overwhelming but it’s important to have at least one.


Other than the fact that sunglasses will shield you from the sometimes harmful rays of the African sun, they can enhance the look of your outfit. They can be the difference between ok and stunning.

A nice shirt

shirt tie waistcoat

A shirt is one of the most versatile types of men’s clothing there out there. It is suitable for almost any social occasion: formal or informal.

It’s highly recommended to have a few different styles in a variety of colours. Floral printed shirts are quite popular in Nigeria at the moment as they are colourful and classy.

Leather wallet

brown leather wallet

Carrying money in your pocket is a no-no for the modern man. It may have been acceptable as a kid but once you past the age of 18 your money needs to be inside a fine leather wallet.

Yes a well-made leather wallet not a Velcro or synthetic one: the difference is clear. A leather wallet is as important as a stylish watch or any other fashion accessory, so don’t skip it!


watch brown strap

Watches are not just for telling the time. Arguably, in modern times, they are used more as a fashion statement. Women have all sorts of fashion accessories but if a man should only carry one, it should be the watch.

A good watch speaks class, speaks luxury and says a lot about you even before you open your mouth. It is a compliment to any outfit of the modern man. So if you don’t already own a watch, go get one ASAP. Watches are priceless.

Leather Bag

brown leather mens bag

For those trips away, either for business or leisure you will need something to carry your essentials with. For gentlemen a leather bag is suggested.

This will go well with any outfit you decide to wear and match your elegance. A side benefit is investing in a quality bag will last you many years to come.This is due to leather being a durable natural material that weathers very well.

Leather belt

mens brown leather belt

Even though a belt is not as first obvious as something like your shoes, it is still an important part of any males outfit. It acts as the dividing piece between your top and trousers.

With the belt it’s easy enough to go for cheaper inferior products. However, this is not advisable as such belts do not look as stylish or last as long. Investing in a quality belt or two is worth the money as they tend to last a long time.


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