Guide to men’s skin care in Nigeria

Skincare has become an important issue for black men of all ages. Having clear looking skin is a goal for many men in Nigeria and beyond. Getting and maintaining the perfect look is not as complicated as it seems. You just have to know a few simple things.

Skin type generally varies. Black men’s skin differs from white men’s. Men’s skin is also different from women’s. Knowing the type of skin that you have is essential; in order for you to groom and care for it appropriately.

Additionally the weather conditions in a country play an important role in skincare. Whether that’s living in a warm or cold climate. As we will be focusing on factors specific to Nigeria, we will be discussing and giving tips on skincare while living in hot sunny conditions.

We will start with a few basic definitions.

What is skin?

Skin is the outer layer of the body and is the largest organ in humans. It is important for you to identify the type of skin you have. This will help you to manage it better. Each person’s skin is unique but there are roughly five skin types:

  • Sensitive skin can sting after using a product
  • Normal skin doesn’t sting and is quite clear
  • Dry skin is itchy, cracked, flaky or rough
  • Oily skin is greasy and oily complexion
  • Combination skin has both dry and oily patches

Differences between men and women’s skin include:

  • Men can grow a beard
  • Men have thicker skin
  • Men have a greater collage density (the reason for slower ageing)
  • The texture of a man’s skin is rougher

What does this mean for black men?

It means that you still have to keep your skin looking healthy, but you don’t need to follow any complicated routines. Below are some tips that will help you on the road to looking as fine as ever.

1. Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruits, consume less sugar

food water healthy skin

Water is a resource we can’t live without. It helps us cook, clean and keep hydrated. Consuming enough water daily is important for overall good health; this is especially true in a hot country like Nigeria. Water helps to remove wasted products from the body, cleansing it in the process.

Our skin is an organ and organs are made up of cells. Cells are made up of water, so without an adequate intake of it every day skin will neither function nor look its best.

2. Get enough sleep

Sleep is when the body repairs itself. So you need to be getting enough of it to keep your skin in top shape. A minimum of 6-7 hours is highly recommended.

3. Consider the products you are using

When it comes to skincare cheap is not always better. It is important to remember that good clear skin is priceless. Stick to products made using natural organic ingredients for the best results. Stay away from chemicals as much as possible!

4. Washing your face

Almost all of us know that cleansing (cleaning) our faces and bodies often, aids in keeping our skin healthy and clean.

But, many do not know that skin across the body differs. The skin on your face differs from that on the rest of your body. For instance, face skin is generally thinner and oilier than skin everywhere else. This is due to the different demands that each part of the body has.

Knowing the skin on your face is thin and delicate means you cannot treat it the same as everywhere else.

A lot of black men still use harsh traditional bar soaps to wash their bodies as well as the face. The impact this has on the face is far greater due to its delicate nature: it leaves the face feeling dry and tight.

Therefore it is recommended to use face washes that are specially formulated to cleanse (clean) the face. These face washes do all the cleaning without drying out the face like the typical bar soap does.

So be sure to buy and make use of a high-quality face wash and make it part of your daily grooming ritual.

5. Use proper shaving techniques

shaving smooth skin

Obviously this does not apply to black men that keep beards. But there are many men that are still shavers. Shaving is a common pain for many black men, Nigerians included. Due to the structure of black men’s hair they are more prone to razor burns, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

In order to avoid this there are a few things you can do. Firstly be sure to prepare your skin for a shave. Pre shave oils and shaving creams should all be made use of, for a close comfortable shave. After your shave make sure you use an aftershave oil to soothe and hydrate the skin. An aftershave oil also prevents the typical itchiness you feel after a shave.

Secondly whether you shave at home or at the barbers, be sure to never go against the grain as this tends to cause hair to curl back into the skin, creating those dreaded ingrown hairs. So, always go with the grain (direction of hair growth) and use a clean sharp blade at all times.

6. Moisturize every day

Moisturizing your face daily is a must. Moisturizers work by helping to trap water in your skin, which keeps it hydrated. This also makes the skin appear brighter and younger.

There are various products that help you do this. But we find Men’s face oil to be the best all-rounder for the face and body oils for the rest of your body. These will give the skin a soft luxurious feel to it.

For the best results, apply your oil moisturizers whilst the body is damp: straight after you jump out of the shower or bath.

7. If you have a beard

black man short beard

Make sure to make beard oil part of your daily moisturizing routine. This will help keep both your beard soft and looking good. It also helps to moisturize the skin underneath your beard. For those with a beard you can just use a beard oil to replace the face oil, if you wish.

Time to up your skin care game

Implementing all or some of these ideas will go a long way to helping you get or maintain nice looking skin.

The best grooming products for the black man are natural ones. Black men’s skin tends to be more sensitive to irritation specifically when shaving so you’ll want to stay away from products that contain those harsh chemicals.

Luckily for you, our products here at Silver Ravan, other than being the best, are all natural and tailored to your needs. Be sure to grab some today to level up your skin care game.