Reasons a man should go to the spa

At times the spa might be a lonely place for men that do happen to visit. Many that do patronize spas would never openly admit to doing so. But that really shouldn’t be the case.

Yes there are some things you can do at home to up your grooming game, starting with switching to oil based moisturizers, but there’s always more you can do.

Many would do well to make visiting spas a hobby. Going to the spa is just as much a man’s right as it is a woman’s. After all, grooming is the name of the game: everyone wants to look better and be healthier right?

We’ll start with a quick overview of the history of public bathing: the predecessor to the modern spa as we know it.

History of public baths

Public bathing has a long history with different civilizations across the world from the Indus Valley, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Romans, The Moors, The Ottomans and the Japanese. All of who brought their own unique styles and takes on the concept.

The Romans even had a system for heating the water in baths using a hypocaust: a system of central heating incorporated into a building.

In the olden days, public baths came about due to the requirements of keeping clean. In those times most people did not have private indoor bathrooms, as we have become used to today. Access to public baths was often based on, class, religion or gender.

Gender was a significant issue then as often public bathing would be for men only. That’s right for men!

Public baths then, included massage parlors and saunas which you will find in the modern spa today. As society has evolved, public baths or spas have changed primary function. Now they often act as social gathering sites or places where you can get highly specialized health & wellness treatments.

Why go to the spa?

spa room towel

Get rid of stress

Most of us have very busy, stressful lives. After a long hard week there’s no better place to unwind than a spa. There you can relax and recoup, which will aid in raising energy levels and your mood.

Improves health

A lot of the treatments offered at spas are not just relaxing, but have health benefits. For example, massages can help lower blood pressure, promote muscle relaxation and improve blood circulation among other things.

Makes you look better

Everybody wants to look good. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t. So why not go to the spa and get some grooming help?

There are a variety of skin treatments on offer. Such as having a facial and body scrub, to rid yourself of those dead skin cells. This will give your body a clean, smooth appearance. Some spas even have barbing services, so you could kill two birds with a stone.

Time to book an appointment

Men should definitely consider the spa, there’s nothing to fear but everything to gain. Even if you are not going to attend alone, tag along with your partner, so you can both enjoy the benefits.

Visiting the spa should be just as routine as going to the gym. They do serve the same purpose ultimately (health) all be it in different ways.

So the take home message. In addition to using Silver Ravan’s grooming products at home, top it up with a few spa visits.

P.S. If you can take your car for a wash weekly, you can undoubtedly frequent the spa monthly.