Skin & hair benefits of exercise

Along with going to the spa, exercise is something we should all do more of. It has many benefits most of which can be summed up as better overall health. Whether that’s reducing weight or reducing risks of things like hearts disease, diabetes and cancer. Best of all it’s free, making it one of the best cost effective treatments out there.

But what is focused on less is the actual benefits exercise has to both skin and hair care and how exercise along with the use of good natural products will up your grooming game 10 fold.

There are two main ways exercise positively effects your skin, hair and looks:

  1. Extra radiant skin
  2. Stress free body.

We will go through these in detail below.

Brighter skin less wrinkles

Exercise helps to detoxify the body. Working up a sweat is like warming up the engine of your car. It needs to be done frequently in order to maintain your looks in this case. Sweating increases the size of the pores in your skin which allows you to sweat our trapped dirt and oil.

Just as the pores in the skin open so do the arteries. This allows added blood to reach your skins surface delivering vital nutrients in the process. These nutrients act to restore the skin from damage from the sun and other environmental factors. The nutrients also help to make the collagen production process more efficient which helps to combat the onset of wrinkles.

Taking a shower after exercising will keep your skin in tip top condition. Just remember to moisturize with some body and face oils afterwards to top off your hard work.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Apart from having a bad effect on your mood and emotions a stressed body affects your skincare negatively with skin often looking dull. When a person is stressed it’s easy to notice as one of the first places to tell is the face.

Stressed people do not smile and have far less energy levels than others. People that are stressed repeatedly take to measures that actually increase stress and anxiety, such as staying up late or becoming dehydrated, all of which have negative effects on the skin.

Along with eating right and getting enough sleep, exercise is a known panacea for boosting happiness and reducing anxiety levels. After exercise your body feels additionally relaxed decreasing the tension that often shows up on your face.

The production of certain hormones also increases when you regularly exercise. Notably endorphin which gives you a post workout high, serotonin helps to regulate the mood, dopamine motivates you to take action and testosterone which is like fuel in the body.

How to get more exercise

black man running music

Exercising can become one of your hobbies.

When it comes to exercise there are many options available to you, with some taking more effort than others. You do not have to live in a gym! What’s important is that you pick something and start small. A little goes a long way in the end.

You can try starting with 15 minutes of exercise per day. We will go through a few suggestions for you below.

  • Walk frequently
  • Go for a jog
  • Go hiking
  • Take the stairs
  • Squat for 10 minutes before work
  • Do some push ups
  • Join the gym
  • Join a weekly sports club

To sum up

person cycling near river

If you want your skin and hair looking the best it can be it’s important to hit it from two angles: internally and externally.

Number one make sure your body is as healthy as it can be, this means making sure all internal aspects are functioning. Exercise is a major internal factor.

Number two is the external aspects which are the various grooming products such as oils that you should be using to top up.

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