A good barber is essential for any man

A great barber is vital. Vital for any man that takes his appearance serious that is. A barber can be the difference between success and failure. Yes or no.

Barbers are special

Barbers have a long history. For hundreds of years, they have been an important part of a man’s grooming regime.

Barbers first began their trade using basic razors, which have been found among artifacts of the ancient Egyptians. In those times they were considered an elite or special set of people, as the trade was often practiced by priests and doctors.

Well it’s not so much that barbers are special. But rather it’s what they can give you: a clean cut trim.

This is something which you should be after.

A better trim equals a better look. A better look has many many advantages. Some advantages are obvious while others are less so.

Looks do matter

Many shy away from the fact, but it is a fact, looks and appearances do matter. For fear of being labelled a ‘baddie’ many would not come out openly and say so.

Ever heard of love at first sight? Yeah that common saying you have probably heard over a dozen times. Well that doesn’t happen based on personality does it?

I mean you can’t know for sure how a person’s personality is, but you instantly know what he/she looks like and what he/she is wearing and how nice his/her hair looks etc etc. It’s human nature to notice looks first.

So yes most love stories start with an initial crush or physical attraction before personality comes into play.

Having a stylish haircut increases your physical appeal. Fact.

Believe in your barber

A couple of UK rap artists, ‘Big Tobz’ & ‘Blittz’, also agree that having a good haircut is essential. They came out with a hit song a couple of years ago entitled “believe in your barber”.

As you can probably guess, the song was all about the faith that black men have or should have in their barbers. The main theme of the song was that you should never cheat on your barber as they have the power to make men look their best. This doesn’t just apply in the UK, but in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world to.

A fine barber offers more than a haircut

Apart from the fact that a barber can give you super human looks. There is another reason why you need a quality barber.

A barber can be a man’s best friend.

Think about it, how often do you go to the barbers? For some this can be multiple times a week. Over a period of time visiting the same barber over and over again two outcomes are almost certain.

Firstly, they will start to automatically know how to trim and shape up your hair. Secondly, a friendship is bound to form, where you get to know each other very well.

While cutting your hair you can talk to your barber about whatever and he will listen: It’s part of his job to do so.

A barber’s advice can prove valuable as they are often senior citizens with a wealth of experience on life. Additionally they tend to have connections which can go a long way to solve any pressing issues you may have.

Go get that barber

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Now that you know why you need a good barber: For a fine trim and valuable friendship. The job now is to find a barber that can give you what you need.

If you already have a great barber then you’re in luck, if not start searching! A man should try not to settle for less if it can be helped.

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