The benefits of using beard oil

Growing a beard is not as easy as just stop shaving. You must invest time and money into its care, like you would do anything else you actually care about.

Beard oil is mandatory for any man that’s wants to maintain a beard: a good healthy looking beard that is.

All men should take care of their facial hair as they should the hair on their heads. After all, these are some of the first things people see. And no matter what they say, appearances and first impressions do matter in the world of today.

There are numerous reasons why you need to keep a good supply of beard oil in your cupboard. We’ll go through a couple of them in this post, but first, we’ll start with a definition of what beard oil actually is.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is male grooming product packed with a variety of natural, some may say magic, conditioning ingredients. These ingredients include carrier oils and essential oils designed to nourish the skin and beard, in order to keep it smooth and soft.

Beard oils can carry a scent that varies from bitter to sweet. Like a facial oil, it is often used as a replacement for aftershave or cologne.

It’s best to apply it straight after washing your face, in the morning, as the hair follicles are widely open, easily absorbing the oil.

Beard oil ingredients

Beard oil is usually a blend of different ingredients such as olive, argan, jojoba, coconut, almond, sunflower and hempseed oils. These can be combined with essential oils, which are plant based extracts that have a strong aroma. Essential oils also have many medical and health related benefits.

Why use beard oil?

black man beard bow tie

Beard & skin benefits

Beard oils are made to replicate the natural oils of the skin. Applying beard oil combats dry itchy skin making it softer and smoother to touch, whilst giving skin a glow. It also softens the hair follicles, making beards easier to comb, manage and style as needed. This ultimately gives you a healthy beard that looks good.

P.S. A healthy beard is a beard that tends to grow better and faster, for those men with slower growing beards.

Masculine scent

Depending on the combination of oils used, beard oils come in a range of different scents. As the range of essential oils and fragrances are almost limitless, you can be sure to find a scent you like.

A lot of men have actually stopped using cologne and aftershave favoring the often more natural scents of beard oils. Beard oils are often more budget friendly, however this does depend on ingredients used, as some essential oils can be rare and hence very pricey.

Where to get it

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